For the Love of Shuv Fitflop Competition

This contest brief demanded customizing a pair of Fitflop's Shuvs in Red Patent Leather to celebrate Saint Valentine's Day.

The concept behind this entry was:
Marriage is the symbol for love par excellance. The eternal emotional and physical connection to another person. This design depicts the material side of it, the harmonic union of two precious metallic rings to become something else, equal links in a wonderful two piece chain. One can see many parallelisms between the two spouses and the left and right foot. They are two halves of a total who help and support each other and they would never leave the other one behind since they need as much as they are needed. The left Shuv and the right Shuv have been turned into a matrimonial metaphor. With the additional chain they get the opportunity to become a new fashion accessory such as a purse or a necklace, with a fun and edgy look.

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