Povera Sandal: Omaggio a Ferragamo

Salvatore Ferragamo, the shoemaker of the Hollywood stars, had the misfortune to live World War II. Very tough times with a shortage of all kinds of materials, with lead to strict rationing. Far from distressing him, that inspired his brilliant mind to make shoes out of anything he could find: candy wrap paper, cork, and even fishing wire. With this material he designed his famous “invisible sandal” with the “F wedge” in 1947, an elegant shoe with an upper made of a continuous thread of transparent wire for which he registered a patent. I am very aware the times we live now are nowere near as tough as this period, but being confined at home has made me look at all kinds of materials around me to make shoes. That is why the Arte Povera movement came to my mind, since they also used “poor” materials, just like those Ferragamo transformed. The result is a flatform espadrille sandal made with upcycled telephone wire I found at my storage room, cut in a continuous thread (except the ornaments) to honor Ferragamo’s genius idea. The yute outsoles are recicled and the set is made entirely of chopped wood to mimic the Povera aesthetic.

Set Design, Photography and Styling by me.

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