Nailed it!

Over-the-top nail art is certainly having a moment in fashion thanks to pop artists like Cardi-B or Rosalía and nail artists such as Nails by Mei. It is often forgotten that the origin of this incredibly rich embellishment aesthetic is heavily linkes to the African American women who explored this beauty trend during the 1980s. A great example of these women is athlete Florence Griffith Joiner aka Flojo, who beat several U.S. records while rocking incrdibly intricate manicures. This sandal is a tribute to this form of art and the women who have championed it since decades ago. An upcycled wedge has been covered by hand with acrylic nails that give the effect of glamourous reptile scales, and a file insert is added on the outside of the shoe so the wearer can file her nails on the go.

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