My Molino

My hometown's Barcelona "Paral·lel Street" has had the privilege to see an immense amount of show business professionals entertain thousands of customers during the 20th Century. These women: vedettes, dancers, actresses, strippers and above all artists inspire this pair of sandals that want to celebrate their lives, which were not always easy. They have been handmade with a pair of leftover insoles rebound in upcycled golden metallic leather and a pink metallic strap. The heel is a 3D printed feather with a loop that allows to hang earrings from it, any earring for any show. Finally, the trim on the strap is a combination of feathers emerging from a pearl reminiscent of the beautiful headpieces these women had to balance during their musical numbers.

I hope if any of them sees this from wherever they are (Mary Mistral, Merche Mar, Lita La Maña, Tania Doris, Susana Egea, Amparo Moreno...
to name a few) makes them feel extra special again.

Photoshoot Credits:
Photography: Dimitriy Levdanski
Set Design and Styling by me

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