House Slippers for Barbarella

This bizarre and unprecedented situation of being isolated at home while the World seems to be ending (or at least, changing a lot) has brought to everyone’s mind every dystopian future film ever made. There are a lot of them that I cherish (Mad Max, Fahrenheit 451, V for Vendetta to name a few), but I have an absolute favourite beyond a shadow of a doubt: Barbarella (Roger Vadim, 1968). Jane Fonda has to become a very eroticised space warrior to fight crime in a Universe that had been until then at peace for centuries and even uses “LOVE” as a greeting. In her mess, Barbarella has to leave her wonderful fur lined spaceship to help mankind, but if she was in ours, she would have to stay INSIDE the whole movie. That is why instead of the amazing boots that accessorize her epic PACO RABANNE ensembles, she could use a house slipper to be more comfy.

Set Design, Photography and Styling by me next to Phillippe Starck’s Dr Sonderbar chair (1983).

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