Guillem Turro Casanovas for Rhiannon Davies

Rhiannon Davies is a Central Saint Martins Knitwear recent graduate and she reached out to collaborate on a footwear piece to match her apparel looks.  Her designs revolve around horses’ goddess Epona, an iconic figure of her heritage. That reference is combined with a true will to make ethical fashion in different ways and therefore reuse and upcycle materials with a strong symbolic power, such as the saddle. With all that in mind and her input on footwear ideas, an upcycled sock boot with a brutal wedge + outsole combination is proposed. The color palette is built with nude, beige and flesh to match the garments and give a wholistic message.

Set Design, Photography and Styling by me
(All images of the boots are of a prototype)
All copyright and design rights of the garments property of Rhiannon Davies © 2020

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