Guillem Turro Casanovas for La Cistelleria

My dear friend Ona Harster has started a furniture curation project with her sister (la cistelleria) and I decided to make something out of their excedent material, which are mostly broken chair seats. These wonderful pieces of craftmanship made in Valencia are intricate woven vegetable meshes that when untangled become an incredibly characteristic raw material. It is used as straps for a mule sandal that is also upcycled, adorned with a hand carved wooden heel. The heel’s shape is carefully rounded to resemble the chair’s legs, a job I was incredibly lucky to be able to outsource to my local carpenter. The result is a cozy and earthy sandal to wear ideally next to a fire on a cold winter night while eating roasted chestnuts from Catalunya.

Set Design, Photography and Styling by me

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