Guillem Turro Casanovas for GRIESHABER

The lovely Emma Grieshaber is an emerging fashion talent from Scotland and she has recently launched her latest collection. While developing it, she contacted me to collaborate on creating a pair of shoes to go with her gowns. The aesthetic of her fabulous upcycled garments is heavily related to her heritage and includes recycled materials coming directly from her family’s archive (including parachutes from World War II). In order to make a pair of shoes in harmony a leg piece resembling a parachute that will inflate as the model walks is added on top of a classic pump. Classic but with a twist, since it has been tweaked to feature a heavy cleated sole reminiscent of soldier boots.

Photography: Shae Myles
Stylist: Catherine MacDonald
Assistant: Laura Henderson
Editor: James Feeley
Model: Becca Murphs

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