EPILOGUE for the PostmodernCabinetOfGayCuriosities

Photoshoot Credits:
Photography: Dimitriy Levdanski
Model & MakeUp: Hannah O’Connor
Producer: Victoria Salsas
Styling by me including: vintage ANNA MOLINARI Blumarine suit, Vasari jewellery, Moschino Gloves and custom made headpiece.

My final collection at the BA (Hons) in Cordwainers Footwear revolved around the gay heroes who died of AIDS in the early years of the plague. This EPILOGUE is an homage to those in their lives who had to live through the pain of losing their beloved friends far too soon, and dealt with an immeasurable amount of grief. Incredible women and genderfluid individuals such as Pat Cleveland, Jerry Hall, Rossella Jardini, Scarlett Cannon, Princess Julia, Liza Minelli, Bianca Jagger, Joey Arias, RuPaul... and the list goes on and on.

For this reason the pair of shoes lacks of any bright colors and focuses on the black and white with embellishments in gold. All these embellishments (as well as the pinstripe fabric and lace trims) are RECYCLED or UPCYCLED from multiple abandoned warehouses and disregarded suppliers from London, Amsterdam, Galicia, Madrid and Barcelona. The last shape is taken directly from the 1980s Springline archive and the base boots have been carefully manufactured in Portugal. This way the resulting shoe has the spirit of that era and highlights the importance of making fashion ethically. A one of a kind boot impossible to replicate that becomes my humble tribute to these suffering heroines in my visual memory and imagination.

Made with Personal Purposes with the aim to contribute to Designers Against Aids if it ever was commercialised.

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