Dymo labels have acquired an exquisite vintage looking glamour in recent years, so the idea of doing a sandal made of dymo straps came to mind. The question was what should be the text featured in the dymo straps: a poem? a literature extract talking about shoes or high heels? Then it hit me: the most suitable thing was a list of all my shoe heroes and sheroes, the people who made me fall in love with this product and guilty of me becoming a shoe designer. The list includes: Charles Jourdan, Terry de Havilland, Beth Levine, André Perugia, Roger Vivier, Thea Cadabra, Salvatore Ferragamo, Christian Louboutin, Maud Frizon, Georgina Goodman, Patrick Cox, Pierre Hardy, Steven Arpad, Manolo Blahnik, François Pinet and Sergio Rossi.

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