During the 1990s in Valencia and afterwards Catalunya an incredibly rich and innovative clubbing scene flourished: the “ruta del Bacalao” with its “Makina Music”. The fashion related to this new way of going out was a very ecclectic mix of Spanish heritage (golden jewellery, specially catholic symbols), urban sportswear, racing imagery, futuristic vibes and heavy embellishment (hair dyes, tribal tattoos, exaggerated makeup, crazy nail polishes and all sorts of body as well as face piercings). This aesthetic is living a comeback thanks to the trap scene and key figures such as Rosalía, which is why I thought it was the perfect moment to make a sandal as tribute to “Bacalao”. The result is a PVC strappy sandal covered in Swarovski rhinestone and catholic pendants featuring a stainless steel heel in the shape of a tribal tattoo. All handmade by myself with the help of laser cut technology and a local Barcelona shoemaker.

Photography, Set Design and Styling by me. 

BAKALAO from Guillem Turro Casanovas on Vimeo.

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