Ariel’s Cave

This sandal covered in upcycled elements is a trip down memory lane for me. The Little Mermaid was by far my favourite movie when I was a child, and the scene of Ariel singing Part of Your World in her cave completely hypnotized me. Her collection of gadgets made me giggle and the passion she has inspired me every time I saw it. I believe there is kind a great resemblance between everything “human” she has and the brief depiction of Professor Utonium’s “Everything Nice” used to make the Powerpuff Girls. These two are combined here translated to every bit and bob of shiny ornament I could find around my family’s house. Many of the components on top of the sealing foam that covers this upcycled d’Orsay belong to my sisters, which is how as I see it the material brings incredibly emotional value to the piece. The result a very personal hotchpotch/farrago/mishmash that I hope many people (specially gays) can relate to.

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